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February 27, 2006

About Some Of Our Female Teachers

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This is not what I intended to write on but wanted to share…

Kevin Evenrode, a 25 year old state employee, was arrested after he dropped his girlfriend, Rachel Kozlusky, out of a 23rd story window which resulted in her death. Despite his claim that they were just horseplaying and he lost his grip, he will be charged with homicide and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Even being doped up, I cannot comprehend how this tragedy happened. Who says, I’m bored, lets do something…I know, let me hang you out of the window!


And now to our regularly scheduled programming…

Carol Flannigan was arrested in 2004 for allegedly having a 19 month relationship with one of her students. The relationship began when the child was in the fourth(4th) grade, 11 years old. Flannigan would invite him and his siblings to come spend the night at her house with her and her husband(now divorced), who denies any knowledge of what was going on. The boy in question, however, says that he knew what they were doing and had seen it.

The victims mother became suspicious when she saw some sexual text messages on the boys cell phone and went to police. Flannigan was arrested and then posted a $30,000 bond. She was put on house arrest and stayed at her mothers residence. The Department of Children & Families investedgated Flannigan in 2002 after her now ex-husband told a marriage counselor about his jealousy of his wife and one of her students. The investigation was closed because their was no indication of sexual abuse or inappropriate touching.

Flannigan, 51, is charged with capital sexual battery on a child under 12 and faces life in prison. Early February Flannigan was offered a plea bargain of a 5 year prison sentence followed by 10 years of offender probation. She is set to go to trial on April 4, 2006.

Are you familiar with these women sex scandals…





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February 25, 2006

Who Is Being Arrested In Online Sex Stings?

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Franklin, Tennessee

Adam Bingham was arrested while Local TV Station WKRN Newschannel 2’s camera’s were rolling.

Bingham, 23, a criminal justice major at TSU, was arrested after arriving at an Apartment complex where he believed he would be meeting a 13 year old girl he had met on the internet for sex. Instead he walked right into the arms of the Franklin Police Department. Detective Anderson states that if any child is on the internet they should be monitored.

Bingham brought along with him condoms and a box of clown clothes.

Pinellas County, Florida

Frank Fattal, 55, was arrested for lewd and lascivious exhibition after sending nude video clips to whom he believed to be teenage girls. Often trying to get these girls to send him provocative photos of themselves.



  • Bradley Michael Allison, 23 of Osage
  • Johnny W. Balvanz, 27 of Waterloo
  • Alan L. Scott, 44 of Sioux City
  • Lucas Leo Linsey, 20 of Waterloo
  • David Wayne Pace, 52 of Oklahoma
  • Michael Jay Van Weelden, 35 of Pella
  • Kevin Wade Stocker, 30 of Grimes

Allison and Balvanz entered pleas of guilty to enticing away a child. Scott has asked that the Judge hear his case which is set for March 23, 2006. Authorities have added a second charge to Linsey, who was not just chatting with one sting operation but two. Pace drove from Oklahoma to meet a presumed 15 year old girl. Trials for Weelden and Stocker are pending.

Indianapolis, Indiana


  • Michael Medonic, 24 of Hammond
  • Ricky Kelo, 27 of Westfield
  • Morris Windhorst II, 44 of Muncie

Authorities had around 35 chats within a 3 hour time span.

Moline, Illinois

Daniel Fronczak , 27, flew from Pennsylvania and took a teenage girl to a Motel. She called her parents and Fronczak was arrested. If convicted he faces 30 years in prison.

There are plenty more stories out there just like these. It is clear just in the above stories that these online predators will travel as far as needed to get to our children. This is frightening at the least. Dateline’s: To Catch A Predator 3, which you can watch here, is one show that you cannot afford not to see if you have children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews.

Will this war ever be won? Not in any of our lifetimes, and you can quote me on that.

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February 24, 2006

The Hate Mail Has Arrived

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Within the last two days I have had numerous emails from those who wish to inform me of their disgust with what I am doing which only tells me that I am doing something right. While I am not saying that any of the individuals who contacted me through email are themselves, online predators, I do wonder why they have a problem with someone putting information out there to educate others on this matter.

I do apologize to all those who have emailed me with their disgust of what I and others are doing for not gracing you with a reply. I feel that the time I would waste debating with you through email is better spent doing what you believe I shouldn’t be doing.

I would like to thank you all for the emails and let you know that all will be read. I cannot guarantee a reply but please don’t let that stop you from dropping me a line.


Mrs. E

We Need To Be Aware

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In the past few days I have been haunted by some of the stories I have read of victims of online predators. The one thing I have learned about these predators are that they are cowards. These men who solicit children online do and will go to jail/prison. When they are arrested they throw every excuse out there (…but the child wanted to have sex…I didn’t know she was a child…I was just kidding…) and thankfully the laws in most states make it clear that they are the ones at fault, not the child, and hold them accountable for their actions.

These men, and I cringe to even call them that, are out there looking for children. Some may just stumble upon a child and act upon their sick fantasies. There is absolutely no reason an adult should be chatting with a minor in these chat rooms…PERIOD. Children do not understand the hidden dangers of the people they are chatting with online. Alot of these kids have an unstable home life and are looking for the attention that these predators are more than willing to give them.

It doesn’t take a genius or a lot of time searching about this on the internet to realize that this is becoming a huge problem. More than likely, this problem will only get bigger if we do not step up and take action against them. One thing you can do is contact your States House Representatives.  Ask them how they stand on the current laws of Enticement of a Minor or Solicitation of a Minor on the Internet. 

The most Important thing you can do is be aware of this problem. You can find story after story where the parents were in the blind about what their child/ren were doing on the Internet. Don’t be fooled, this can happen to the best of children. A lot of these men know how to get these children to trust them. Your child may talk to them for days, weeks or months before he will make his move. Grooming is their game. Please do not think that these men who are out their looking for these children are that guy you see standing on the corner who gives you the creeps either. We’ve all seen that type of guy and most of us have our opinions on what he is up to. In actuality, the man on the other side of the monitor could be someone you work with, a police officer or a teacher. The people who prey upon our children come from all walks of life.

Here is a list of sites that will help inform you and help you inform your children:

February 19, 2006


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This is a chat-log of just one of the many perverts who hit up these younger girls and boys online. His screenname and mine have been edited out, as is all identifying information. The scariest part of this whole conversation was that he wanted to be sure that I really was 13, as he had been fooled before; as you will read about! Everything edited will be contained in ( ). Screennames were also edited which are not in ( ).

Sick Bastard (2/18/2006 12:11:18 AM): hey

13 yrs old (2/18/2006 12:11:21 AM): hiya

13 yrs old (2/18/2006 12:11:22 AM): asl

Sick Bastard (2/18/2006 12:11:31 AM): 29,m,(his city) Sick Bastard (2/18/2006 12:11:32 AM): you?

13 yrs old (2/18/2006 12:11:35 AM): kewl

13 yrs old (2/18/2006 12:11:41 AM): 13/f/(my city)

13 yrs old (2/18/2006 12:11:46 AM): what ya doin

Sick Bastard (2/18/2006 12:11:50 AM): wowww

Sick Bastard (2/18/2006 12:11:53 AM): n much

Sick Bastard (2/18/2006 12:11:58 AM): just came from a club

13 yrs old (2/18/2006 12:12:01 AM): kewl

13 yrs old (2/18/2006 12:12:04 AM): wow?

Sick bastard (2/18/2006 12:12:21 AM): u like older men?

13 yrs old (2/18/2006 12:12:27 AM): lol, yes

13 yrs old (2/18/2006 12:12:28 AM): lol

13 yrs old (2/18/2006 12:12:34 AM): u like younger girls

13 yrs old (2/18/2006 12:12:37 AM): ???

Sick Bastard (2/18/2006 12:12:43 AM): never had 1

Sick Bastard (2/18/2006 12:12:44 AM): lol

13 yrs old (2/18/2006 12:12:47 AM): ooooo

13 yrs old (2/18/2006 12:12:55 AM): what club u go to

Sick Bastard (2/18/2006 12:13:06 AM): (in this town)

Sick Bastard (2/18/2006 12:13:15 AM): (name of club)

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:13:25 AM): lol, i dunno where that is, im new to (this state)

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:13:26 AM): lol

Sick Bastard (2/18/2006 12:13:30 AM): ok

Sick Bastard (2/18/2006 12:13:33 AM): u like to add me

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:13:36 AM): sure

Sick Bastard (2/18/2006 12:13:39 AM): to keep in touch

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:13:51 AM): kewl

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:14:00 AM): so what u do for fun

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:14:23 AM): i like to listen to music and hang with friends

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:14:25 AM): u?

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:14:29 AM): dinners

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:14:31 AM): clubbing

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:14:35 AM): movies

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:14:45 AM): lol, i cant get in the clubs, im only 13

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:14:46 AM): lol

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:14:50 AM): i like movies

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:14:57 AM): u like to go for 1 some day

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:15:06 AM): yes

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:15:17 AM): i just noticed u have a new sn

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:15:18 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:15:23 AM): yesss

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:15:26 AM): u like it?

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:15:29 AM): lol

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:15:30 AM): ya

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:15:35 AM): why u switch them

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:15:49 AM): its just loged like this

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:16:01 AM): oooooooo

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:16:11 AM): do you work or go to school

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:16:16 AM): work

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:16:21 AM): kewl

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:16:24 AM): what ya do

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:16:26 AM): hope ull not get me in trouble

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:16:27 AM): lol

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:16:34 AM): how i get u in trouble

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:16:34 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:16:44 AM): tell yur parents

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:16:45 AM): cops

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:16:47 AM): LOL

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:16:54 AM): tell parents and cops what?

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:16:55 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:17:03 AM): u talk to me

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:17:12 AM): i wouldnt do that

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:17:13 AM): or when IF u wana meet

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:17:21 AM): ud meet me?

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:17:28 AM): would u like to?

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:17:50 AM): i have only met 1 person off the coomp before

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:17:51 AM): lol

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:17:56 AM): itd be kewl

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:18:03 AM): ok kewl

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:18:11 AM): how old was he

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:18:14 AM): u meet ppl from the comp

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:18:19 AM): he was 22

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:18:21 AM): only 2 times

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:18:30 AM): were they girls

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:18:31 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:18:34 AM): yes

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:18:37 AM): kewl

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:18:46 AM): u sure are gorgous

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:18:54 AM): lol, that isnt me silly

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:18:55 AM): lol

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:19:01 AM): that is (famous person)

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:19:05 AM): from (tv show)

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:19:10 AM): whered ya go

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:19:11 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:19:20 AM): hetre

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:19:24 AM): here sorry

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:19:26 AM): that k

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:19:35 AM): that is (famous person) in my pic

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:19:42 AM): oo i see

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:19:48 AM): do u watch (show)

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:19:48 AM): how u look like

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:19:51 AM): u got a cam

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:20:05 AM): im 5′ skinny blonde hr and green eyes

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:20:07 AM): no

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:20:08 AM): srry

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:20:13 AM): what u look like?

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:20:15 AM): sweet

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:20:20 AM): pic in profile

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:20:27 AM): k, let me go look

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:20:36 AM): ok

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:21:53 AM): seen it?

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:21:54 AM): ur cute

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:21:55 AM): lol

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:21:59 AM): is that ur dog

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:22:02 AM): woww really?

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:22:05 AM): yes

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:22:07 AM): was mine

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:22:07 AM): i think so

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:22:08 AM): died

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:22:08 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:22:09 AM):

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:22:14 AM): awwwwwwwwwwwwww

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:22:16 AM): im srry

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:22:20 AM): its ok

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:22:24 AM): so u like me?

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:22:28 AM): ya

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:22:30 AM): u like me

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:22:34 AM): yes

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:22:39 AM): kewl

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:22:40 AM): but have to see yur pic hun

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:22:43 AM): lol

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:22:48 AM): i dont have 1

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:22:51 AM): np

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:22:58 AM): i am sure u are cutee & hott

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:22:58 AM): mom took em all

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:23:00 AM): lol

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:23:02 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:23:05 AM): i can tell by just talking to you

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:23:10 AM): ive been told so

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:23:11 AM): lol

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:23:14 AM): how can u tell

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:23:16 AM): ???

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:23:20 AM): uummm

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:23:28 AM): dont know if i should say or not

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:23:32 AM): lol

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:23:34 AM): you can

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:23:42 AM): i am turned on

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:23:46 AM): u r

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:23:47 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:23:55 AM): yesss

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:23:57 AM): that how u now i am cute

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:23:58 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:24:16 AM): thats how i know u are hottt

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:24:19 AM): lol

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:24:22 AM): kewl

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:24:28 AM): brb….need a drink

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:24:32 AM): k

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:24:46 AM): i just had 2 vodkas & tonic

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:24:54 AM): & 1 jack & coke

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:24:59 AM): kewl

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:25:04 AM): i drink too

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:25:07 AM): when i can get it

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:25:09 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:25:24 AM): when we meet we can do it together

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:25:32 AM): kewl

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:25:40 AM): ud bring alcohol

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:26:08 AM): if u want

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:26:18 AM): thatd be awesome

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:26:27 AM): u smoke ciggs 2

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:26:34 AM): sometimes, lo

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:26:35 AM): l

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:26:38 AM): is that bad

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:26:39 AM): me 2

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:26:42 AM): no

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:26:45 AM): its kewl

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:26:46 AM): kewl

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:27:04 AM): u into fun?

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:27:18 AM): ya meen sexy stuff

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:27:19 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:27:24 AM): uummm

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:27:26 AM): may be

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:27:34 AM): dont know if ud like to do it with me

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:27:40 AM): sex?

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:27:45 AM): i had it b4

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:27:48 AM): yes

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:27:51 AM): kewl

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:28:03 AM): so would u want me?

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:28:10 AM): i dunno, maybe

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:28:13 AM): if ur nice

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:28:14 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:28:21 AM): iwhat do u think

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:28:23 AM): am i nice?

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:28:32 AM): ya

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:28:35 AM): i think so

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:28:44 AM):

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:28:45 AM): and cute

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:28:46 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:28:49 AM): thankx

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:28:53 AM): yw

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:29:05 AM): does my age bother u

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:29:11 AM): no, lol

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:29:14 AM): i like older guys

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:29:19 AM): my age bother u?

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:29:22 AM): no

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:29:28 AM): kewl

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:29:33 AM): only if u are not kidding

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:29:36 AM): most guys say they wont even talk

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:29:43 AM): kidding about what?

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:29:52 AM): yur age & what ever u have said

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:29:56 AM): hope i can trust u

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:29:56 AM): lol

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:30:00 AM): nope im 13

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:30:01 AM): lol

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:30:04 AM): y would i lie

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:30:07 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:30:22 AM): 1 time a 13 yr girl talked & wanted my #

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:30:27 AM): & i didnt give it

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:30:34 AM): how come?

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:30:38 AM): than she said she will report it to the cops

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:30:43 AM): omg

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:30:48 AM): that was stupid

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:30:53 AM): i dont want that

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:30:53 AM): why did she ask for it then

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:31:02 AM): to get me in trouble

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:31:05 AM): awwwwwwww

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:31:07 AM): im srry

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:31:12 AM): so i am very careful now  (This line scares the shit out of me)

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:31:17 AM): u didn’t get in trouble did you

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:31:21 AM): no

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:31:28 AM): kewl

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:31:28 AM): didnt give my #

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:31:31 AM): kewl

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:31:39 AM): i dont give my number either

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:31:42 AM): mom would kill me

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:31:42 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:31:46 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:31:49 AM): i understand

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:31:58 AM): but if u can trust me & i can trust u

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:32:02 AM): its a dif story

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:32:05 AM): yep

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:32:06 AM): lol

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:32:16 AM): i couldnt tell mom about u

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:32:17 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:32:21 AM): noooooo

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:32:33 AM): acnt tell about a 39 yr old

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:32:35 AM): can you

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:32:36 AM):

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:32:44 AM): omg nooooooooo

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:32:49 AM): she would rlly kill me

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:32:50 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:32:55 AM): i know

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:33:00 AM): but u do like me

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:33:02 AM): really

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:33:07 AM): i thot u was 29

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:33:07 AM): pls dont kid me?

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:33:08 AM): lol

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:33:12 AM): yes i like u

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:33:13 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:33:14 AM): oooo

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:33:14 AM): no

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:33:16 AM): 39

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:33:16 AM): ur cute

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:33:19 AM): oooooooooo

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:33:20 AM): thank you

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:33:22 AM): thats kewl

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:33:40 AM): u r prolly way kewler than the boys at school

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:33:40 AM): can i ask u a personal Q?

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:33:43 AM): they are stupid

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:33:44 AM): sure

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:33:50 AM): how big are yur boobs

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:33:55 AM): lol

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:33:59 AM): 34b

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:34:07 AM): sweetttttt

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:34:20 AM): you dont care they arent big

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:34:21 AM): lol

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:34:24 AM): i want bigger ones

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:34:26 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:34:30 AM): naa

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:34:34 AM): they are perfect

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:34:38 AM): really?

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:34:41 AM): yesssss

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:34:42 AM): awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:34:48 AM): ur very nice

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:34:48 AM):

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:34:50 AM): and sweet

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:34:52 AM):

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:34:54 AM): tu

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:35:04 AM): so where you live

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:35:07 AM): im in (my town)

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:35:09 AM): (his town)

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:35:18 AM): how far is that from me

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:35:19 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:35:23 AM): u got me oo hard in my boxers now

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:35:24 AM):

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:35:36 AM): really>

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:35:39 AM): yessss

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:35:46 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:35:48 AM): i am about 40 mins away

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:35:51 AM): kewl

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:36:04 AM): what uliek insex/

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:36:14 AM): all of it

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:36:15 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:36:18 AM): kewl

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:36:22 AM): i love to lick

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:36:22 AM): at least what i have had

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:36:24 AM): & eat

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:36:31 AM): 1st

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:36:41 AM): never had that b4

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:36:42 AM): make u ride my mouth

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:36:50 AM): would u show me how

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:36:52 AM): ???

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:36:53 AM): yesss

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:36:55 AM): sure

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:36:58 AM): really?

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:37:03 AM): sure if u want

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:37:06 AM): kewl

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:37:17 AM): i am average in my boxers

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:37:20 AM): but hard

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:37:24 AM): lol

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:37:27 AM): whats average

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:37:32 AM): 7 inch

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:37:36 AM): wow

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:37:39 AM): thats kewl

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:37:47 AM): u like to suck

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:37:50 AM): give head?

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:38:00 AM): ya, but i only done it a cpl times

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:38:04 AM): np

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:38:12 AM): id lick u every where

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:38:19 AM): omg, lol

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:38:21 AM): id like that

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:38:26 AM): kewl

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:38:38 AM): how do i keep in contact with u hun?

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:38:46 AM): lol

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:38:48 AM): on here

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:38:50 AM): how else

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:38:53 AM): uummm

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:38:57 AM): may be phone

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:39:00 AM): mabee

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:39:02 AM): we will c

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:39:03 AM): but i got to trust u 1st

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:39:07 AM): lol

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:39:10 AM): i know that

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:39:20 AM): i wouldnt’ tell ne 1 if you gave me ur number

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:39:24 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:39:31 AM): we will see

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:39:34 AM): kewl

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:39:42 AM): have to know more about u 1st

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:39:44 AM): do you ever come to (my town)

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:39:50 AM): & we both have to fel comfortable

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:39:54 AM): yep

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:39:57 AM): i agree

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:39:57 AM): i acn come

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:40:05 AM): when u wana meet

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:40:11 AM): really, u rnt lyng are u

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:40:15 AM): no

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:40:18 AM): cuz that would be mean

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:40:19 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:40:23 AM): i hope u not lieing

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:40:28 AM): im not

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:40:29 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:40:33 AM): promise

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:40:34 AM): swear

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:40:36 AM): i promise

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:40:39 AM): y would i lie

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:40:40 AM): lol

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:40:55 AM): swear

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:40:58 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:40:58 AM): caz on line no 1 knowas who is on the other side

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:41:06 AM): i kow

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:41:14 AM): i have to go now

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:41:16 AM): thats y i was scard to meet the guy b4

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:41:21 AM): how come

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:41:21 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:41:24 AM): slep

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:41:25 AM): work

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:41:28 AM): ooooooooo

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:41:28 AM): k

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:41:32 AM): g nite

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:41:32 AM): cann i add u

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:41:34 AM): love ya

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:41:38 AM): can i add ya

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:41:38 AM): sure

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:41:39 AM): k

Sick Bastard(2/18/2006 12:41:45 AM):

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:41:52 AM): ad me i dont see it

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:41:53 AM): lol

Sick Bastard has signed out. (2/18/2006 12:42 AM)

13 yrs old(2/18/2006 12:44:26 AM): it wont let me add u, so when u get back on plzzzzzzzzzzzz add me, k

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:12:12 AM): hey

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:12:17 AM): hiya

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:12:21 AM): what ya doin

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:12:29 AM): was about to get off

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:12:35 AM): but suddenly say u

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:12:45 AM): its nice to see u on line

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:12:48 AM): awwwwwwww

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:12:49 AM): ty

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:12:51 AM): u too

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:12:54 AM): brb

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:13:00 AM): ok hun

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:13:28 AM): back

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:13:33 AM): so what ya doin??

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:13:45 AM): nothing was getting bored

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:13:52 AM): but as now u here i feel good

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:13:53 AM):

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:14:06 AM): awwwwwwww

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:14:19 AM): u kinda cute & i like you

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:14:24 AM): ty

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:14:26 AM): i like u too

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:14:28 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:14:58 AM): i guess we going to make good friends

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:15:04 AM): i hope so

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:15:05 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:15:13 AM): i am looking forward to it

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:15:33 AM): me too

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:15:36 AM): ? tho

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:15:40 AM): i forgot how old u r

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:15:41 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:15:48 AM): 39

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:15:51 AM): awwwwww

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:15:53 AM): thats rite

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:15:57 AM): i forgot srry

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:16:04 AM): its ok

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:16:10 AM): how was yur day

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:16:12 AM): u rember how old i am?

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:16:13 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:16:21 AM): 13

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:16:23 AM): it was ok, did the dishes

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:16:25 AM): lol

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:16:26 AM): yep

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:16:50 AM): so where do u go to shopping

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:16:54 AM): what mall?

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:17:13 AM): havent been to a mall here yet

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:17:16 AM): we just got here

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:17:18 AM): member

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:17:19 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:17:26 AM): uummm

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:17:27 AM): ok

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:17:31 AM): from where?

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:17:42 AM): wheres agood mall here

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:17:51 AM): (old state)

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:18:01 AM): (One mall)

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:18:08 AM): (Two mall)

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:18:13 AM): (Three mall)

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:18:17 AM): (Four mall)

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:18:41 AM): which is closest to (my town)

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:18:51 AM): (This mall)

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:19:02 AM): kewl

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:19:05 AM): lol

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:19:30 AM): u been there

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:19:34 AM): yes

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:19:36 AM): once

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:19:38 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:19:48 AM): y u wana meet me there?

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:19:49 AM):

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:19:50 AM): kewl

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:20:21 AM): u cant come alone to a mall rite?

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:20:23 AM): lol

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:20:25 AM): yes i can

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:20:28 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:20:29 AM): how

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:20:35 AM): ijust dont know where it s at

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:20:37 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:20:59 AM): whats yur add , may be i can come pick u up from close by

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:21:14 AM): hang on phone

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:21:15 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:21:25 AM): k

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:21:43 AM): i live on (this street)

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:21:55 AM): uumm ok

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:22:20 AM): didnt ya want to know where i was

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:22:21 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:22:28 AM): i did hun

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:22:45 AM): tell me truley

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:22:52 AM): did u think of me today?

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:22:56 AM): yes

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:22:56 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:23:06 AM): what did u think about

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:23:09 AM): im kinda scared to give out my addy

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:23:10 AM): lol

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:23:15 AM): i wondered what u was doin

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:23:32 AM): like i said i promise u can trust me

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:23:36 AM): i am sacred 2

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:23:42 AM): really?

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:23:45 AM): yessss

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:23:55 AM): well, let me think about it for another min

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:23:56 AM): u are 13 & i am 39

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:23:56 AM): lol

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:24:05 AM): i know

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:24:08 AM): but i like u

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:24:22 AM): & if we can trust each other it should be just fine

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:24:29 AM): i know

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:24:30 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:24:40 AM): i trust u

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:24:46 AM): do u know where (this place) is

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:24:46 AM): dont know about you?

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:24:51 AM): i trust u too

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:24:52 AM): ur nice

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:25:08 AM): ur nice & trustworthy 2

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:25:29 AM): ty

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:25:30 AM): i dont know where (that place) is

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:25:39 AM): (my school info)

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:25:45 AM): that is where i go

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:25:52 AM): ill have to find out

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:26:04 AM): it might be easier to pick me up there

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:26:06 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:26:11 AM): ok

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:26:12 AM): that way no 1 sees

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:26:19 AM): yes

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:26:26 AM): but after yur school

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:26:29 AM): or b4?

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:26:36 AM): i could skip

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:26:37 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:26:44 AM): really?

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:26:51 AM): yea, if u want me too

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:26:52 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:27:02 AM): but yur parents will come to know

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:27:06 AM): wouldnt they?

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:27:09 AM): seeing you and goin to the mall would be more fun than shcool

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:27:18 AM): ive skipped before

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:27:21 AM): ok

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:27:36 AM): u would really pick me up and wed go to the mall??

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:27:43 AM): sure

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:27:50 AM): that would be soooooooo kewl

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:27:51 AM): lol

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:27:57 AM): when ya wanna

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:27:58 AM): ???

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:27:59 AM): yessss

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:28:02 AM): u tell me

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:28:08 AM): i don’t care

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:28:11 AM): next week

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:28:16 AM): k

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:28:20 AM): can u get off of work

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:28:21 AM): ???

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:28:29 AM): ill ahve to take a day off

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:28:35 AM): u can do that

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:28:37 AM): ???

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:28:48 AM): my next day off is friday i think

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:28:55 AM): so we can meet friday

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:28:58 AM): k

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:29:08 AM): i go to school at like 830

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:29:12 AM): can u be there then

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:29:16 AM): yes

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:29:22 AM): kewl

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:29:30 AM): how do i recognise u

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:29:30 AM): what do u drive

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:29:33 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:29:38 AM): volvo

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:29:47 AM): i will wear my pink ball cap

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:29:48 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:29:52 AM): lol

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:29:53 AM): what color

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:29:57 AM): white

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:30:09 AM): the best is to give yur #

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:30:14 AM): so i know

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:30:22 AM): do what?

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:30:24 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:30:29 AM): give yur tel #

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:30:37 AM): u cant call mom will kill me

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:30:38 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:30:45 AM): not now

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:30:49 AM): yur cell

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:30:54 AM): i dont have one

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:30:55 AM): do u

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:31:05 AM): brb

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:31:07 AM): k

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:33:07 AM): back

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:33:13 AM): cool

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:33:17 AM): so what w e gonna do after we go to the mall

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:33:26 AM): any thing

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:33:36 AM): kewl

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:33:46 AM): i let u decide since i choose the mall

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:34:01 AM): go eat

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:34:03 AM): drink

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:34:08 AM): smoke ciggs

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:34:20 AM): kewl

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:34:22 AM): lol

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:34:32 AM): u really will let me smoke??

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:34:43 AM): u like to

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:34:47 AM): kewl

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:34:54 AM): u ever met ne1 off of here b4

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:34:56 AM): ????

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:35:03 AM): once

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:35:04 AM): u?

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:35:27 AM): once

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:35:28 AM): lol

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:35:36 AM): i was kinda scared but we had fun

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:35:37 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:35:57 AM): hopefully ull have fun with me 2

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:36:01 AM): i hope so

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:36:04 AM): lol

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:36:15 AM): could we go to ur house

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:36:16 AM): /??

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:36:26 AM): watch movies or sumthing

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:36:29 AM): sure

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:36:35 AM): what kinda movie

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:36:39 AM): i dont care

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:36:41 AM): what ya got

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:36:47 AM): uummm

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:36:51 AM): love stories

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:36:55 AM): comadies

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:36:58 AM): action

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:37:00 AM): porn

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:37:05 AM): omg really????

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:37:13 AM): i never see one of those b4

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:37:19 AM): u like to see

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:37:19 AM): ud let me watch it

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:37:36 AM): if u want

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:38:12 AM): sure

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:38:14 AM): how many u got

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:38:19 AM): 2

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:38:46 AM): kewl

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:38:56 AM): do u like watchin em

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:38:57 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:39:02 AM): some times

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:39:06 AM): when i am horny

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:39:33 AM): so when can we talk on phone?

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:40:07 AM): i need to know u more

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:40:10 AM): i dunno

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:40:17 AM): what u mean now me more

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:40:19 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:40:23 AM): know

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:40:24 AM): u

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:40:26 AM): lol

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:40:28 AM): lol

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:40:48 AM): if mom sees ur #on the id she will get really mad, can i call u????

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:41:10 AM): she will not see

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:41:14 AM): its unknown

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:41:21 AM): she will want to know who called

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:41:22 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:41:27 AM): just say

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:41:29 AM): wrong #

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:41:33 AM): i dunno

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:41:40 AM): shes funny like that

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:41:48 AM): ok

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:41:56 AM): like u got a call now

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:41:57 AM): rite

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:42:03 AM): so its not a problem

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:42:17 AM): welll, that was from mom

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:42:18 AM): lol

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:42:22 AM): she called to check on me

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:42:29 AM): ok

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:42:36 AM): let me call u now

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:42:40 AM): i dunno

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:42:41 AM): just for 5 mins

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:42:51 AM): i dunno

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:43:11 AM): u got totrust me

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:43:20 AM): maybe friday we can just say hi before school and then you will know me, then we can do something another day

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:43:22 AM): how wil u go out with me if u dont trust me now hun

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:43:30 AM): that way mom wont know nothing

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:44:31 AM): so we not going out this coming friday?

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:44:46 AM): i want to, but i dont think the phone is a good idea

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:44:51 AM): i do trust u tho

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:45:02 AM): its just mom is wierd with the phone

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:45:19 AM): well u can always say it was a wrong #

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:45:35 AM): i just wana say hi & talk like for 5 mins

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:45:37 AM): i dunno, at almost 2

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:45:45 AM): i know, i wish i could but i cant

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:45:52 AM): i dont want mom to have any ideas

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:45:53 AM): u can hun

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:45:59 AM): she will not

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:46:02 AM): promise

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:46:05 AM): u dont know my mom

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:46:06 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:46:26 AM): is she out having fun?

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:46:32 AM): no, she at work

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:46:35 AM): k

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:46:54 AM): y cant i call for 1 min

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:47:07 AM): cuz mom will be suspicous of any phone calls

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:47:12 AM): its not a good idea

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:47:12 AM): ok

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:47:17 AM): i understand

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:47:19 AM): k

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:47:22 AM): thats fine

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:47:23 AM): r u mad at me

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:47:29 AM): no

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:47:34 AM): just wondering

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:47:35 AM): gooooood

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:47:38 AM): wondering what???

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:47:51 AM): if its going to work

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:47:52 AM):

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:48:02 AM): y wouldnt it

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:48:04 AM): ???

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:48:23 AM): just as to how we going to meet

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:48:29 AM): i thot at school

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:48:33 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:48:44 AM): its better out side the school

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:48:52 AM): im getting excited

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:48:53 AM): lol

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:48:56 AM): not in the school

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:48:57 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:48:57 AM): u are

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:48:59 AM): yeah

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:49:07 AM): whats happening

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:49:12 AM): especially since u said we could watch those sex movies

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:49:13 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:49:26 AM): u just wana watch

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:49:35 AM): what if u wana do it with me?

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:49:41 AM): lol

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:49:47 AM): u would do it with me???

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:49:54 AM): like they do in the movies

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:49:55 AM): if u would

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:50:00 AM): sure

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:50:05 AM): omg, kewl

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:50:10 AM): ive done it once b4

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:50:11 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:50:17 AM): nice

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:50:24 AM): how old was the man/

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:50:32 AM): he was 22

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:50:44 AM): the one i met on the comp b4

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:50:45 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:50:59 AM): did he fuk u good?

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:51:07 AM): i guess, lol

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:51:10 AM): i dont know really

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:51:14 AM): i only did it once

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:51:17 AM): k

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:51:28 AM): do u like to play with yur p–y?

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:51:33 AM): i dunno

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:51:35 AM): lol

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:51:38 AM): never done it

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:51:46 AM): wana try now with me

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:51:54 AM): u already excited & horny

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:51:56 AM): rite?

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:51:57 AM): how u gonna do it thru the comp

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:52:01 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:52:18 AM): u wana do it thru phone

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:52:28 AM): i cant on the phone itold ya that

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:52:28 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:52:39 AM): than y u wanted my #?

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:52:43 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:52:44 AM): ok

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:52:47 AM): you wanted mine

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:52:48 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:52:55 AM): yes

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:53:00 AM): like a trade?

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:53:03 AM):

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:53:14 AM): (His number)

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:53:15 AM): you could come over here

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:53:30 AM): yes

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:53:35 AM): that would be better

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:53:44 AM): can u come tonite

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:53:45 AM): lol

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:53:52 AM): 2 late hun

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:53:55 AM): ooooooooo

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:53:56 AM): ok

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:54:00 AM): do u know the directions

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:54:10 AM): where you live????

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:54:14 AM): i can get em

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:54:17 AM): (his town)

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:54:19 AM): k

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:54:21 AM): hang on

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:54:29 AM): wts yur add?

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:54:36 AM): ill get it my self

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:54:55 AM): (my name).. pls no lies darling

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:55:02 AM): huh?

Sick Bastard(2/19/2006 12:55:16 AM): i mean give yur correct address

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:55:23 AM): oh, haha , iknow that

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:55:25 AM): hang on

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:55:27 AM): brb

Sick Bastard (2/19/2006 12:55:28 AM): dont wana knock on some 1 elses door

Sick Bastard (2/19/2006 12:55:29 AM): lol

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:57:14 AM): k

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:57:15 AM): back

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:57:18 AM): k

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:57:18 AM): i wouldnt do that

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:57:19 AM): lol

Sick Bastard (2/19/2006 12:57:25 AM): thank you

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:57:28 AM): yw

Sick Bastard (2/19/2006 12:57:29 AM):

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:57:39 AM): (my address)

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:57:43 AM): (address cont.)

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:57:51 AM): you wanna see my pic

Sick Bastard (2/19/2006 12:57:56 AM): sure hun

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:57:58 AM): k

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:58:25 AM): (link to a busted pic)

13 yrs old (2/19/2006 12:59:00 AM): ATTENTION: You have been corresponding with an online monitor. The chatlog in question will be forwarded to the appropriate authorities in your area. You are in violation of both local and Federal laws and you will be notified of their findings.

Sick Bastard (2/19/2006 12:59:07 AM): i knew taht b4

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:59:09 AM): While individual cases may vary, the preceding chatlog was found to contain inappropriate, lewd and sexual advances both in intent and language with a minor.

13 yrs old(2/19/2006 12:59:37 AM): Is there any thing you would like to say for yourself?


I don’t know about you, but this guy scares the shit out of me!


Again, more to follow!


Feel free to send me an email.




February 15, 2006

Pedophiles In The Internet Chat Rooms Looking For Your Children(Yes, It Is A Crime)

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It absolutely amazes me when you talk to people and they don’t think that there is a problem with Pedophiles on the Internet. Are you kidding me? There are also those who don’t believe that there is anything wrong with “talking” sex with a minor.


 Section 13A-6-110

Soliciting a child by computer. (Alabama)

(a) In addition to the provisions of Section 13A-6-69, a person is guilty of solicitation of a child by a computer if the person is 19 years of age or older and the person knowingly, with the intent to commit an unlawful sex act, entices, induces, persuades, seduces, prevails, advises, coerces, or orders, by means of a computer, a child who is less than 16 years of age and at least three years younger than the defendant, to meet with the defendant or any other person for the purpose of engaging in sexual intercourse, sodomy, or to engage in a sexual performance, obscene sexual performance, or sexual conduct for his or her benefit.

(b) For purposes of determining jurisdiction, the offense is committed in this state if the transmission that constitutes the offense either originates in this state or is received in this state.

(c) A person charged under this section shall be tried as an adult, and the record of the proceeding shall not be sealed nor subject to expungement.

(d) Solicitation of a child by computer is a Class B felony.

(Acts 1997, No. 97–486, p. 844, §1.)
Section 13A-6-111

Transmitting obscene material to a child by computer.

(a) A person is guilty of transmitting obscene material to a child if the person transmits, by means of any computer communication system allowing the input, output, examination, or transfer of computer programs from one computer to another, material which, in whole or in part, depicts actual or simulated nudity, sexual conduct, or sadomasochistic abuse, for the purpose of initiating or engaging in sexual acts with the child.

(b) For purposes of determining jurisdiction, the offense is committed in this state if the transmission that constitutes the offense either originates in this state or is received in this state.

(c) A person charged under this section shall be tried as an adult and the record of the proceeding shall not be sealed nor subject to expungement.

(d) Transmitting obscene material of engaging in sexual intercourse, sodomy, or to engage in a sexual performance, obscene sexual performance, or sexual conduct for his or her benefit to a child is a Class B felony.

(Acts 1997, No. 97–486, p. 844, § 2.)

§ 11-207. (Maryland)

      (a)      A person may not:


            (1)      cause, induce, solicit, or knowingly allow a minor to engage as a subject in the production of obscene matter or a visual representation or performance that depicts a minor engaged as a subject in sadomasochistic abuse or sexual conduct;


            (2)      photograph or film a minor engaging in an obscene act, sadomasochistic abuse, or sexual conduct;


            (3)      use a computer to depict or describe a minor engaging in an obscene act, sadomasochistic abuse, or sexual conduct;


            (4)      knowingly promote, distribute, or possess with the intent to distribute any matter, visual representation, or performance that depicts a minor engaged as a subject in sadomasochistic abuse or sexual conduct; or


            (5)      use a computer to knowingly compile, enter, transmit, make, print, publish, reproduce, cause, allow, buy, sell, receive, exchange, or disseminate any notice, statement, advertisement, or minor’s name, telephone number, place of residence, physical characteristics, or other descriptive or identifying information for the purpose of engaging in, facilitating, encouraging, offering, or soliciting unlawful sadomasochistic abuse or sexual conduct of or with a minor.


      (b)      A person who violates this section is guilty of a felony and on conviction is subject to:


            (1)      for a first violation, imprisonment not exceeding 10 years or a fine not exceeding $25,000 or both; and


            (2)      for each subsequent violation, imprisonment not exceeding 20 years or a fine not exceeding $50,000 or both.


      (c)      (1)      (i)      This paragraph applies only if the minor’s identity is unknown or the minor is outside the jurisdiction of the State.


                  (ii)      In an action brought under this section, the State is not required to identify or produce testimony from the minor who is depicted in the obscene matter or in any visual representation or performance that depicts the minor engaged as a subject in sadomasochistic abuse or sexual conduct.


            (2)      The trier of fact may determine whether an individual who is depicted in an obscene matter, or any visual representation or performance as the subject in sadomasochistic abuse or sexual conduct, was a minor by:

                  (i)      observation of the matter depicting the individual;


                  (ii)      oral testimony by a witness to the production of the matter, representation, or performance;


                  (iii)      expert medical testimony; or


                  (iv)      any other method authorized by an applicable provision of law or rule of evidence.

That was just picking a couple states at random. You may read more on the penalties here.  Surely you still don’t think there is nothing wrong with just “talking” sex with minors.

If you still have doubts that this is becoming outrageous, give yourself a profile, on the Instant Messenger of your choice, of a 12, 13, or 14 year old girl or boy and go into a chat room and see for yourself how many ADULTS are willing to talk, and some will talk downright nasty, to someone whom they believe to be a minor.


This topic will continue……..


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February 9, 2006

Somebody Knows Where I Am….It Could Be You

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Tabitha Tuders disappeared on April, 29, 2003. She was last seen walking towards her bus stop to attend school at Bailey Middle School. She was 5’ tall, around 100 pounds with blonde hair and blue eyes. She was wearing a blue shirt, jeans and tennis shoes. She has a birthmark on her stomach, a scar on her finger and her ears are pierced.

The night she went missing Tabitha’s father said that around 50 Metro Police Officers searched the neighborhood. There was not an intense search done, using Police dogs until July 2003. You have to ask yourself, why did it take 3 months for this to happen? Tabitha lived in East Nashville which is classified as “shady”. Not all who live in the east part of Nashville are criminals. Did local law enforcement judge, based on where this child lived? She was initially classified as a runaway but then it was changed to endangered missing.

It has been said that a boy from the bus stop saw Tabitha get into a red car which was driven by a black male who was wearing a baseball cap. Neither family nor friends think that Tabitha would have gotten into a vehicle with anyone she did not know. This leads one to believe that she got into this car because she knew the driver. Who was this driver?

While there have been numerous “persons of interest” none have panned out. There were polygraph’s given to several people. Everyone passed those tests except for Tabitha’s sister, Jamie. She was given several of these tests and would pass one and then fail another. While I do not suspect Jamie of doing anything harmful to her sister, I do believe that she knows way more about the disappearance than she is telling the local law enforcement or her family. What is Jamie hiding?

Evans Dotson, Jamie’s boyfriend at the time of the disappearance, was also given a polygraph and passed. Dotson is a black male who wears baseball caps and is also someone who Tabitha might get into a car with. It was stated by Tabitha’s grandmother that, “she used to worship Evans and then one day she couldn’t stand to be around him”. What changed Tabitha’s feelings towards Evans? We may never know.

Everyday that goes by the Tuders family lives in agony over their missing daughter. Also everyday the man who picked her up sits in silence about what happened. Tabitha’s birthday is February 15. She will be 16 years old. The third anniversary of her disappearance is just around the corner. Let’s bring Tabitha home.

A web page has been set up for Tabitha and you may visit it here. and the NCMEC here

If you have any information please call either 1-800-THE-LOST or Nashville Metro Police Department (Tennessee) 1-615-862-8600.



Please feel free to send me an email.

Author Claims To Have Witnessed Three Murders

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Dalles McKinsey, author of Childhood Lost has a story to tell that some may believe sounds like fiction, but in actuality, is a true story that you will find appalling, atrocious, shocking and overwhelming.

In the Spring of 1973, Dalles was welcomed into this world by his mother, Brenda, and his older sister, Robin. A child with no cares or worries. No one could have known what would soon change this little boys life forever.

A single parent family trying to get by the best they could. While things were tough at times, they were your average happy family. One day a man, Dolph Ames, walks into their lives who seemed to complete the family. He adores the children and loves their mother. After a brief relationship they decide to marry and move to Oregon.

Within a few weeks of moving to Oregon, Dolph had a sudden change of heart. He didn’t seem to love Brenda as he had before. He no longer adored the children he had claimed to love. Abuse soon became a major part of their lives. His mother was physically and emotionally abused, and his sister was emotionally abused. When Dalles was 6 years old Dolph began to emotionally, physically and sexually abuse him. Even at the tender age of 6, Dalles knew that he should tell somebody. Because of the circumstances with their home life, he kept it to himself.

Dolph was a man who lived off the grid, with no ties to the world. He wanted nothing to do with the government, which is why he worked off the books for a trucking company. He began to take Dalles with him on his runs, mainly to ensure that his wife would still be at home when he got back. There many attempts at fleeing in the past, and future attempts, failed almost every time.

In the Spring of 1982, an 8 year old Dalles witnessed his step-father murder three hitchhikers and believes he killed at least three more people. However, there could be more. The three murders that Dalles witnessed occurred somewhere between Fresno and San Francisco, California.

The first victim, whom Dalles calls “Sarah”, was probably somewhere between the ages of 17 and 20. She was of olive complexion and had dark curly hair that went past her shoulders. She was very slender and smelled of Jasmine. She was wearing a suede jacket with tassles across the back and was wearing silver feather earrings. She was carrying a backpack which may have been green. Dolph attacked, raped and strangled her. It is possible she would have had bruising on the left side of her face. Dalles last seen her where she was killed, which was surrounded by tall grass and the ground was very soggy, like a marsh or a run-off. It was near an overpass and he remembers hearing a train in the distance.

Dolph’s second victim was “Carla”, Caucasian, who was in her late teens or early twenties. She had straight blondish-brown hair that was just below her shoulders and was soft spoken yet boisterous. She smelled strongly of cigarette smoke. She was wearing artic washed pants, the knees were shredded and was wearing a lot of bracelets; metal and plastic. Dolph attacked, raped and then stabbed her in the back. She would probably have bruised ribs on the right side. There also would have been a child’s, Dalles’, t-shirt found under a tree close to where her body was found.

The last murder that Dalles witnessed was of “David”, Caucasian, who was tall and very slender. He had very wavy, brown medium length hair and brown eyes. He was wearing tan corduroy cut off shorts, a sleeveless multi-colored shirt and sandals. During the ride, David gave Dalles some bells that were handmade by him with etched scenes. (Dalles later found these bells in Dolph’s toolbox) He was carrying a duffel bag that is like the ones issued by the military. David was struck repeatedly on his head with a tire pressure club and stabbed in the neck. His body would have been found in close proximity of where Dolph had wrecked his semi, which was carrying a load of banana’s, not long after the murder.

There are a few other people that Dalles suspects Dolph of killing but did not actually see. One was his best friend, at the age of 10, Blaine, who died in a house fire soon after Dolph overheard Dalles telling him about the abuse going on at home. Dolph told Dalles that Blaine’s death should be a warning to him about telling other people things that were none of their business. Another possible victim was a man who worked at the same trucking company as Dolph. He came up missing one day out of the blue, his house still full of his possessions. Again, Dolph claimed he had murdered him too. One other possible victim is a woman who Dolph claimed to have been in a relationship with before Dalles’ mother. She was from Alaska and left all her belongings behind when she managed to get away from Dolph. This is only suspicious to Dalles as whenever his family would try to escape, Dolph would destroy their belongings, not box them up and keep them like he had claimed to of done with this woman’s stuff.

Before eventually escaping, Brenda and Dolph had a baby girl together. It has been almost 20 years since they broke free. They moved over 50 times through the years afraid of Dolph finding them yet again. In Dalles’ own words, “I did not wait 25 + years to report the murders I witness in the Spring of 1982. It took me that long to get the courage to write “Childhood Lost”.

Dalles first reported the murders, after he had moved away from home, while he was living in Oklahoma. He was told that he would have to come down in person, in Fresno, California, which he was unable to do at that time. He eventually went to the Fresno Police Department and was told that the city had a high crime rate, a lot of unsolved murders that are local and that they are too busy persuing those. Since Dalles did not have their names and exact locations of where they might have been found his claims were dismissed. He has also made contact with various police agencies in the San Francisco Bay area.

As of date, there has been no media attention given to Dalles and his claims. He has his own website up with a lot of information, including pictures, that pertains to his accusations. The publisher of Childhood Lost does offer advanced reading copies to the media. You can find that information on Dalles’ website.

I hope that if you have any information that will help get the Police to look into this claim or that would help Dalles find out who those three innocent victims were that you would get ahold of him, which can be done through his website as well. Also, media attention would definately help bring this case out in the open.




Dalles McKinsey Website

Emails between the author and myself.

Please feel free to send me an email


February 7, 2006

Just a beginning note!

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Hello. My name is Roxy but you can call me Mrs. E. I have finally decided to get a blog and catch up with the rest of the world. My entries will usually always be about true crime and missing children and adults. If there is a certain topic you would like to see me write about please feel free to send me an email.

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