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February 9, 2006

Author Claims To Have Witnessed Three Murders

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Dalles McKinsey, author of Childhood Lost has a story to tell that some may believe sounds like fiction, but in actuality, is a true story that you will find appalling, atrocious, shocking and overwhelming.

In the Spring of 1973, Dalles was welcomed into this world by his mother, Brenda, and his older sister, Robin. A child with no cares or worries. No one could have known what would soon change this little boys life forever.

A single parent family trying to get by the best they could. While things were tough at times, they were your average happy family. One day a man, Dolph Ames, walks into their lives who seemed to complete the family. He adores the children and loves their mother. After a brief relationship they decide to marry and move to Oregon.

Within a few weeks of moving to Oregon, Dolph had a sudden change of heart. He didn’t seem to love Brenda as he had before. He no longer adored the children he had claimed to love. Abuse soon became a major part of their lives. His mother was physically and emotionally abused, and his sister was emotionally abused. When Dalles was 6 years old Dolph began to emotionally, physically and sexually abuse him. Even at the tender age of 6, Dalles knew that he should tell somebody. Because of the circumstances with their home life, he kept it to himself.

Dolph was a man who lived off the grid, with no ties to the world. He wanted nothing to do with the government, which is why he worked off the books for a trucking company. He began to take Dalles with him on his runs, mainly to ensure that his wife would still be at home when he got back. There many attempts at fleeing in the past, and future attempts, failed almost every time.

In the Spring of 1982, an 8 year old Dalles witnessed his step-father murder three hitchhikers and believes he killed at least three more people. However, there could be more. The three murders that Dalles witnessed occurred somewhere between Fresno and San Francisco, California.

The first victim, whom Dalles calls “Sarah”, was probably somewhere between the ages of 17 and 20. She was of olive complexion and had dark curly hair that went past her shoulders. She was very slender and smelled of Jasmine. She was wearing a suede jacket with tassles across the back and was wearing silver feather earrings. She was carrying a backpack which may have been green. Dolph attacked, raped and strangled her. It is possible she would have had bruising on the left side of her face. Dalles last seen her where she was killed, which was surrounded by tall grass and the ground was very soggy, like a marsh or a run-off. It was near an overpass and he remembers hearing a train in the distance.

Dolph’s second victim was “Carla”, Caucasian, who was in her late teens or early twenties. She had straight blondish-brown hair that was just below her shoulders and was soft spoken yet boisterous. She smelled strongly of cigarette smoke. She was wearing artic washed pants, the knees were shredded and was wearing a lot of bracelets; metal and plastic. Dolph attacked, raped and then stabbed her in the back. She would probably have bruised ribs on the right side. There also would have been a child’s, Dalles’, t-shirt found under a tree close to where her body was found.

The last murder that Dalles witnessed was of “David”, Caucasian, who was tall and very slender. He had very wavy, brown medium length hair and brown eyes. He was wearing tan corduroy cut off shorts, a sleeveless multi-colored shirt and sandals. During the ride, David gave Dalles some bells that were handmade by him with etched scenes. (Dalles later found these bells in Dolph’s toolbox) He was carrying a duffel bag that is like the ones issued by the military. David was struck repeatedly on his head with a tire pressure club and stabbed in the neck. His body would have been found in close proximity of where Dolph had wrecked his semi, which was carrying a load of banana’s, not long after the murder.

There are a few other people that Dalles suspects Dolph of killing but did not actually see. One was his best friend, at the age of 10, Blaine, who died in a house fire soon after Dolph overheard Dalles telling him about the abuse going on at home. Dolph told Dalles that Blaine’s death should be a warning to him about telling other people things that were none of their business. Another possible victim was a man who worked at the same trucking company as Dolph. He came up missing one day out of the blue, his house still full of his possessions. Again, Dolph claimed he had murdered him too. One other possible victim is a woman who Dolph claimed to have been in a relationship with before Dalles’ mother. She was from Alaska and left all her belongings behind when she managed to get away from Dolph. This is only suspicious to Dalles as whenever his family would try to escape, Dolph would destroy their belongings, not box them up and keep them like he had claimed to of done with this woman’s stuff.

Before eventually escaping, Brenda and Dolph had a baby girl together. It has been almost 20 years since they broke free. They moved over 50 times through the years afraid of Dolph finding them yet again. In Dalles’ own words, “I did not wait 25 + years to report the murders I witness in the Spring of 1982. It took me that long to get the courage to write “Childhood Lost”.

Dalles first reported the murders, after he had moved away from home, while he was living in Oklahoma. He was told that he would have to come down in person, in Fresno, California, which he was unable to do at that time. He eventually went to the Fresno Police Department and was told that the city had a high crime rate, a lot of unsolved murders that are local and that they are too busy persuing those. Since Dalles did not have their names and exact locations of where they might have been found his claims were dismissed. He has also made contact with various police agencies in the San Francisco Bay area.

As of date, there has been no media attention given to Dalles and his claims. He has his own website up with a lot of information, including pictures, that pertains to his accusations. The publisher of Childhood Lost does offer advanced reading copies to the media. You can find that information on Dalles’ website.

I hope that if you have any information that will help get the Police to look into this claim or that would help Dalles find out who those three innocent victims were that you would get ahold of him, which can be done through his website as well. Also, media attention would definately help bring this case out in the open.




Dalles McKinsey Website

Emails between the author and myself.

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  1. Salut Mrs. E.

    I like your blog – do keep it up. You have a knack for storytelling. Many bloggers just throw a few vague details and call it a post. That’s why I really like the True Crime Blogroll, and Trench’s Crime Blogger Forum. These are bloggers who tell the tales that need to be told.

    Welcome to the community.


    Comment by Harding — February 9, 2006 @ 3:45 pm | Reply

  2. Mrs. E ~

    You did my story justice. Thank you for telling it as you did, with compassion and attention to detail. You did a superb job! Thank you again. Hopefully this will help bring attention to my story and the identities of the victims.

    Dalles McKinsey
    Author of “Childhood Lost”

    Comment by Dalles McKinsey — February 9, 2006 @ 8:11 pm | Reply

  3. “I like your blog – do keep it up. You have a knack for storytelling. Many bloggers just throw a few vague details and call it a post. That’s why I really like the True Crime Blogroll, and Trench’s Crime Blogger Forum. These are bloggers who tell the tales that need to be told.

    Welcome to the community.”

    Harding, shut your fucking mouth! THese blogsites are nothing but shit-infested garbage posted by arrogant bloggers who have nothing better to do than be pissed all the time.

    Comment by Ed — May 10, 2006 @ 8:39 pm | Reply

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  10. hi dalles,my name is tommy lee higham,my brother john higham,has been missing since june 24,1980,you left a message on a missing persons web site you may have known him as david.this was 6 years ago,i just found it.please contact me…… 427 7857.thankyou

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